When Porn Turns Into Erotic Art

For a long time porn was a hidden, filthy realm of human existence. Everybody knew it existed, and basically everyone liked it, sometimes, somehow.

But it was hard to find something really aesthetic, most of the stuff was more disgusting than turning on. Porn was something made by people having little respect for women, transferring a view on the human sex which was primitive and just plain stupid.

But slowly more and more movies are produced which show a totally different view on erotic media, respectful and aesthetic productions with beautiful actors and a professional setting. Furthermore the market of erotic devices and games is growing, see for instance Tits and Glass or Wicked Paradise.

Mankind seems to slowly grow up and celebrate the human sex as something joyful and sacred.

Let’s hope this tendency will grow, and sites like X-Art continue to flourish.

The Erotic LomoKinos of Ellen Stagg

Ellen Stagg is a photographer based in New York. Apart from her erotic photographic work on StaggStreet.com she has made a bunch of erotic LomoKino movies.

Her movies have a beautiful analogue warmness, the LomoKino seems a very suited device for erotic filming.

I personally like the camera a lot, you find a few of my movies on Vimeo. For more videos of Ellen Stagg check her Vimeo profile.

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