Games Ahead!

I still could not convince myself to buy a PS4 Pro, or a PS4 VR. Even though both are quite compelling… So the good old PS4 must do. But there are quite some interesting games ahead!

I still play more and more Darkest Dungeon, it is exactly the game I was looking for since The Bards Tale came out in 1985. Such a great game! And it will keep me crawling its dungeons for quite some more time it seems.

Still, also nice could be Plague Road.

It looks somewhat similar to Darkest Dungeon, so it has to be seen if it is just a pale imitation, or worth mentioning on its own. For now, excitement seems justified.

On the even more weird side, Deathstate could be fun.

I currently play Crawl, but I need to see how it works out with multiplayer mode.

Leaving all those doomed places and getting casual again. I always liked the WipEout series. So let’s see how the Omega Collection will perform.

Finally, I must admit that I also like the “Everybody’s” series. And Everybody’s Golf is coming. The PS2 Adaption from the Tennis version was already quite entertaining. So the brand new golf game could be a nice way to relax.

Waiting for Celeste

I am a bit hesitating to call this game my most anticipated one of the year. Since last year that was No Man’s Sky, and that turned out to be the biggest disappointment of the year.

So let’s forget about that crap, and turn back to my game of the year from 2014 – Towerfall Ascension. I still play it a lot, and it is somewhat one of the best games I ever played. Simple, yet demanding, always fun, and never boring. Great multiplayer mode, and also available for the Vita, so a steady companion since years now.

Towerfall was created by Matt Makes Games, and he is currently busy with another project called Celeste. It wont be a next Towerfall, since it is is singlepayer, but I can’t wait to play it. Hopfully it will also be available for the Vita, so it seems a perfect travel companion, too.

And maybe one day there will be a next Towerfall.

The Return of the Dungeon

I just started playing Darkest Dungeon on my PS4 and Vita. And I immediately fell in love with the game.

When I was a kid I spent endless hours in the dungeons of
Skara Brae. As Pen and Paper we also played a lot Das Schwarze Auge, me mainly being an Efferd votary.

A few years ago I was obsessed with Angband, a rogue-like RPG.

And also recently we started to play again the Pen and Paper Lamentations of the Flame Princess. So the dungeons are back!

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