New Gadget - Sony SmartBand SWR10

For some reasons I need all new gadgets from Sony. Not all are convincing, like the first Sony SmartWatch was quite disapponting. Now they released the SmartBand, a wristband which:

  • counts your steps
  • records when you walk or run
  • records your sleeping phases

It connects via NFC or Bluetooth to your Android phone (version 4.4 or higher). Together with the Lifelog app you get a full daily log which also includes:

  • when you communicated (phone, messaging, mail, facebook, instagram, foursquare, …)
  • when you took a picture
  • when you listened to music
  • when you watched a movie, read a book, or played a game on your phone
  • when you browsed the internet

Furthermore it can vibrate when you get a call or message, and there are apps to use your SmartBand to:

  • control your media player
  • find your phone
  • take a picture

Altogether I really like this gadget. The hardware and software works fine, and you really get a nice idea about how you spend your day and night. Good move, Sony!

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