Mail from Oh Land!

After having heard her song Sun of a Gun a few years ago I became a huge fan of Oh Land from Denmark. Saw her once live in Berlin.

Last year she crowdfunded her new album Earth Sick on Pledgemusic and offered this amazing Disposable Camera pledge: the band makes pictures during the tour and sends you the camera once the film is full. And here it is!

Lovely made, thanks! And me being very curious which pictures are hidden there! Stay tuned!

I used to do some Chipmusic...

… with my beloved Amiga 2000. Actually, we never called it chipmusic. Nor did we use terms like nerd or geek. That is all bullshit invented by hipsters sitting with their MacBook Air in expensive cafés, playing huppy fluppy. We would have probably called them lamer wink

I recently bought a new Amiga 1200, but did not have the time yet to get it up and running. One of the things I did most with my Amiga was making music with Soundtracker and the absolutely amazing, but less known SonicArranger. Having seen Europe In 8 Bits (great documentary!) made me listen again to the three songs which survived, someone uploaded them to the Stone Oakvalley’s Amiga Music Collection. The mp3 conversion is not perfect, but quite close.

I guess I was around 16 years old when I did these songs. The groups and demos I was in were not too famous, but this has some nostalgic value for me wink My heroes of those days were (and still are) guys like Rob_Hubbard, Martin Galway, Romeo Knight or Dr. Awesome.

Different Feelings (ProTracker)

Heretics Ahead (SonicArranger)

After The War (NoiseTracker)

Maditas Wiegenlied

Da ich vor kurzem stolzer Patenonkel geworden bin habe ich das zum Anlass genommen meinem Patenkind Madita ein Wiegenlied zu schreiben.

Maditas Wiegenlied from Lars Frantzen on Vimeo.

Bei Jamendo kann man sich das Lied anhören und herunterladen:


Wer möchte kann sich die Noten hier als PDF herunterladen: MaditasWiegenlied.pdf.

Bei dieser Gelegenheit nochmals vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten:

  • Melanie Bartsch – Gesang
  • Oliver Richters – Piano, Glockenspiel
  • Jens Frantzen – Gitarre
  • Klaus Eisner – Produktion

Zudem seien hier die großartigen Open Source Programme Kdenlive und MuseScore erwähnt, ohne die dieses Projekt nicht möglich gewesen wäre.

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