The First Pictures I Ever Made

I took some time to scan the first picture I ever made. It all starts in December 1984. This is a picture of my late mother from that time.

I was around 10, and, of course, made pictures of all the things I was proud of. Like my BMX bike, or my first plant. I do not remember the camera I used, but luckily most pictures at least had the date noted on their backside when they were developed.

In case you consider scanning your old pictures, too, I can suggest to you the combination of a Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II together with the SilverFast Software. That is not very expensive together, and you can also scan negatives with it.


My, mother, a year ago, mother’s day. The cancer was already quite present, but it did not ruin the day. It was a sunny day, like today.

My Mother at Mothersday

The cancer won the last battle in November last year. If your mother is still alive, say hello. And try to have a sunny day!

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