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Revolog Parade

I finally tried out all ten currently available Revolog films. Here comes a first personal ranking. This may change a lot in the future, since this was just a first try, and often the camera or the light conditions seemed simply not suited for the given film.

1 – Streak

My current favourite!

She in the Metro 2

2 – Texture

The texture here is even more unpredictable.

Sarah in Revolog Texture

3 – Volvox

Even though the bubbles can be quite disturbing or misplaced, it is a very nice fun film.

Miss F in Revolog Volvox

4 – 460nm

Frühlingsfest in 460nm 2

5 – 600nm

Bakerman Bored

6 – Rasp

I need to try with more light.
Hey M!

7 – Tesla I

Revolog Tesla 1 #5

8 – Tesla II

Urs Urli

9 – Kolor

This is probably not fair, I saw many amazing pictures with this film. Have to try again with more light.

10 – Lazer

The probability that the lazer effect makes a good arrangement with the picture is a bit small. Often it does appear just misplaced.

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