A am now sitting at Changi Airport in Singapore after having spend here a few days to celebrate New Year’s. Singapore is an amazing city! Impressive skylines and hotels, authentic asian cuisine of all origins, huge entertainment areas, and very friendly people.

Singapur Marina Bay

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A “Clean” City

There are many rumors going around about Singapore. Like it is a very clean city, with draconic penalties when eating in the metro, etc. Or that you risk a death penalty when being caught even with small amounts of drugs. And all that is true.

Klare Ansage

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Having the rules clear, one can have a great time in the city.

New Year’s Eve

Before leaving for New Year’s Eve I spend some time recalling 2014 in my hotel room with some Whiskey and Cigars. It was a tough and interesting year, definitely.

Saying Goodbye to 2014 #Malaysia #montecristo #hilton

Ein von Lars Frantzen Pictures (@gartenstadt) gepostetes Foto am

The Metro

You can reach most points by public transport, even though that can take a whole lot of time. Also, most people do not speak English well, and often you get totally different answers to simple question when asking different people. Often a taxi is the much more convenient way of travelling. Still, the metro can also give you some authentic impressions.

Singapore Metro

Have a nice day!

Miss M

Here a picture of my godchild, taken in a metro elevator.

Miss M Looking Up! Again!

Good Bye Singapore

I just spend a few days, and time passed quickly. I will definitely be back!

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