Siren’s Song

I wrote this on December 10, 2007. It was meant as lyrics for a song of the band of my brother which unfortunately broke up shortly after. So before it gets forgotten in the true crypted abyss of my external harddisk I thought I share it here. It’s called Siren’s Song.

Herbert James Draper [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I was born at one end of that street
In the worst part of town
But the cathedral still shining high
Guiding me straight – all the way down

The other end the road divides up
And right I gotta go
To the place where I seem to live now
Being driven like the snow

There once was a notion of home
Which got lost on the way
Now all which is left to hold on
Is that picture array

I ran away again and again
Changed cities and states
The distance to center staid equal
To it only love relates

This disarming beauty of yours
sets fire to torches
Illumining a path so long hidden
A beautiful hope it forges

But the light attracts all the demons
Trying hard to make me fall
The roots down my feet are parched
Blatant is the siren’s call

There’s no ship to which I can bond
Without no wax in my ears
I’m trying to reach your icon
Fighting my wraith and my fears

I know I have to walk this myself
You cannot do more than just stay
You’re not supposed to heal my past
I want you for one future day

You know too many sins of gone days
Which I cannot undo
How can I make you believe,
that this time my words are true?

Tomorrow I’ll drive all way back
May bravery govern my heart
So I can stand your presence
without breaking your smile apart

You revived all inside which is holy
You remembered me of bliss
All I know very deeply
Is all that I ever aimed at is this

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